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Creation Research Society Details
Creation Research Society is a professional organization of trained scientists and interested laypersons who are firmly committed to scientific special creation.
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Creation Science FAQ Details
Darren Gordon's creation model of origins.
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Creation Scientists Details
Find the degrees and accomplishments of leading creation scientists in biology, physics, geology and astronomy.
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Creation SuperLibrary - Christian Answers.Net Details
Multi-lingual creation mega site providing answers, articles, and special features.
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Creationism.org Details
Dinosaurs, fossils, evolution, creation, the Flood, and our ancient history are all topics of interest here. Site is translated into several languages.
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Evidence of God Details
Strong Basis to Believe Ministries provides this source for answers about spiritual truth, Jesus, God, Christianity, the Bible, Creationism, Evolution, Archaeology and Science.
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Evolving Implications Details
An article written by Michael Spielman that outlines the devastating social implications which evolution brings.
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Exchanged Life Ministries Details
Contains information on creation, evolution and biology. This site attempts to give archeological and scientific evidence of Biblical events.
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Institute for Creation Research Details
We are a Christ focused Creation ministry where science and the Bible are fully integrated.
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Molecular History Research Center Details
Conducting creation research in molecular biological issues. The MHRC is researching possible explanations for the formation of similar unprocessed pseudo genes found in different species such as man and chimpanzee.
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Organic Evolution, A Pagan Religion Details
Evolution discussed along with,creation,science and the Bible,the missing link,transmutation,pagan religion,creation vs. evolution and other aspects of this raging debate. A Christian tract on evolution.
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The Creation Science Association for Mid-America Details
Aimed at educating people regarding the vast amount of scientific evidence that supports Biblical Creation as the true account of origins.
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Truth Cannot Contradict Truth Details
Pope John Paul II's statement about evolution and faith, on October 22, 1996, to the Pontifical Academy of Science. How God's revealed truth can be harmonized with scientifically observed truth.
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Who are Creationists? Details
Christian geologist, David Dathe charts geologists, theistic evolutionists, and several types of creationists, via their belief in God, macro evolution, and the age of the earth.
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